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  • Welcome to the BlackBerryBase

    Hello BlackBerry friends from all over the world.

    We are pleased that you have found your way to the BlackBerryBase and want to become a member of a strong and loyal BlackBerry fan community.

    We have been active in the German-speaking world for over 10 years, but we also want to be a forum for information and help for all other friends of BlackBerry.

    Therefore we have (re)opened an English section in our forum, which you can find by scrolling down on the forum page. There we have opened a Blackdroid, OS10 and a general discussion area.

    There you can post your tips, suggestions and questions in English, which we from the team and the community will be happy to answer. But of course you can also take part in any other discussion in the forum. However, we would like to ask you to post there in German if possible. Great tools to translate from English to German are deepl.com and of course Google Translate. Just have a look at this translation programs.

    You can find more information about using this forum in the respective sections of the English section directly under the headings in the "Getting starts guide and forum rules". Please read the information there carefully, so that you can use our forum optimally.

    Otherwise, there is nothing more to say at this point but "Go ahead".

    The BlackBerryBase team

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