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21.06.2012, 09:46
Die Developer von Union ('https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/vendor/16944/?lang=en') haben ein neues Game namens Trial Xtreme 2 in der AppWorld hoch geladen. Es steht für alle PlayBook User dort als Download bereit.

Version: 1.0
Release: luglio 19, 2012
File Size: 53230 KB
Support Email: appworld@unity3d.com
Preis: 1,50€



Trial Xtreme 2 is the sequel to multi-million selling hit Trial Xtreme, packed with more levels, amazing new graphics and more blistering motorcycle stunt action than ever.

Crank up the throttle, rev your engine and negotiate your way across 36 new action-packed levels.

Trial Xtreme 2 uses the cutting edge NVIDIA® PhysX® engine to give you the most realistic ride of your life, demanding skill and concentration to take to take your bike riding skills to the max!

Game Features
- Much anticipated sequel to the blockbuster hit Trial Xtreme

- 36 brand new levels set across 5 challenging environments

- Negotiate hundreds of obstacles including ramps, jumbo tires, rocks, planks and more

- Super detailed new Unity-powered graphics engine brings your rider and the game world to life

- Intuitive tilt control system using your playbook’s accelerometer. Use precision control like never before

- Ultra-realistic rider and bike physics built on the NVIDIA® PhysX® engine lets you feel it all as you flip, jump, bump and crash your way to victory

Download ('https://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/116106/?lang=en')

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